Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sold Out Item #5 - Sexi Kayla.

Go green in this one of a kind top.
We love the tree motif and the spattering of gold details on it give it that little extra UuMPh!
Throw a pair of skinnies & pumps into the mix & you're good to go!

Absolutely FREE size.
Fits sizes (XS) to (M)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sold Out Item #4 - Sexi Autumn.

Sexi neckline? Check!
Bold yet chic prints? Check!
Versatile? Check!
Ladies, we have a winner.

Fits sizes (XS) to (M)
Length: 19.5 inch
Waist: 28-32 inch
Bust: 25-32 inch (stretchable)

Sold Out Item #3 - Sexi Isabel.

Bring out your sexi senorita in this collared top.
Whether its paired with casual jeans or with a formal skirt, this baby is sure to earn you a second glance where ever you go.
Loving the cute flower shaped buttons, not to mention the pleats & slight hint of lace really accentuates and gives it a lil something extra.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sold Out Item #2 - Sexi Alexandra.

As promised, it's ThinkSexi's first dinner dress.
With its sweet floral design, we think that this would truly make a statement at any occasion.
Understated sexi anyone?

Fits sizes (M) to (L)
Length: 34.5 inch
Waist: 27-32 inch
Bust: 28-35 inch
Hip: 48 inch

Sold Out Item #1 - Sexi Nikki.

We're so developing a fetish for floral prints & V-necked tops here at ThinkSexi.
Here we have a some-what kimono inspired one with a deep V-neck that just exudes sexiness.
Coupled with really cute capped sleeves & will you check out that sexi keyhole back already!

Fits sizes (XS) to (M)
Length: 23 inch
Waist: 26-30 inch
Bust: 28-34 inch
*can be worn on its own or with an inner tube top for the more conservative.

*edited (08/10/08) -- We've been featured!
Special sexi shoutout to Diary of an E-Shopaholic for featuring Sexi Nikki.
Do click on their link in the sidebar for more great reviews!

-- le sexi.